The Importance of Support For Registered Sex Offenders and Families

When we are going through difficult times in our lives, the need for a community of support is crucial to our recovery. If you or a loved-on has been affected by the criminal justice system or has been placed on the sex offender registry, there is a new online support forum available.

I wanted to create a new forum because the support for registrants and families is lacking. Living on the registry is hard. And what may be worse is witnessing a loved-one being ostracized, harassed, or is just having a hard time finding work or a place to live.


It’s The Outspoken Offender Podcast.

My hope is to encourage registered citizens, former inmates, and anyone facing stereotypes and social ostracism to move beyond society’s labels.

Welcome to the show. Well, how are you today? I’m The Outspoken Offender. And today I want to talk about community, the importance of community for mental health, especially. And you know, when we’re dealing with living with a felony record or living under the sex offender registry, or dealing with a family member that has been in trouble, you know, with the law, it’s a good thing too feel like you belong to a community of support. And I think that’s extremely important. When we feel like we don’t belong and we don’t feel like we have that love and support, then that can only bring negative consequences to our situation.

So when I say community, I mean, just like a group of people, not necessarily, you know, a city or, society in general. So just a small… or it doesn’t have to be small, but any size support group, and really that’s going to bring a lot of benefits to us. It’s going to give us a sense of belonging when we know that the people around us can identify with our situation. Then we definitely have that feeling of belonging and that connection. When you have people you can call on or message or do an instant message, finding that support in difficult situations can definitely make us feel a lot better.

And then purpose. When we have a group of people that understand us, we want to give back, we want to help other people. And that’s great for both parties. Both ways you have this desire to help others because you know how it feels. You have compassion or empathy for that other person. And so there’s purpose there to better other people’s lives.

Okay. So how do you find a community, a group of people that understand what you’re going through? In the real world, perhaps meetup groups. You can do something like that. You can look online and see if there’s any local organizations, volunteer groups, things like that, perhaps at your church or spiritual center. Find people that have this, your same values and interests.

And I want to talk about a community, a support group that I actually started through The Outspoken Offender. I really felt this was important to have it’s an online forum that people can go to. You can go on there and ask questions, find information, or just receive general support. This is for people on the registry. This is for family members and anybody looking for guidance, tips, suggestions, legal issues, things like that. And the reason why I started this support forum community is because there’s really not a lot of support online for people dealing with the sex offender registry. There are some groups on there like Reddit. I could also suggest a very strong community with Women Against Registry.

The support it’s not predominant online. I really wanted to start a forum to let people know that you are not alone. And so if you want to head to, you’ll find the new forum. Again, that’s And I’d love to have you come on board.

I’m on there quite a bit linking interesting news, you know, things that. I think people will benefit from those on the registry or family members. And so it’s a great forum. So remember a community is important to mental health. There is no shame going on and feeling like, Hey, I need help with something. Or, I don’t understand this. Please help me. You know I’m scared my son was just arrested for a child pornography or whatever it may be. Talk to others in a safe environment. I am the admin of this group. So this is a safe environment. I mean, one thing I would just say just is don’t share of course personal information, like locations and all that stuff, but that goes with a lot of other forums and social media.

So yeah, just a quick podcast, talking about the support for people on the registry, a community that understands what we are going through. Again, And I will talk to you again soon. Have a great day.

It’s The Outspoken Offender Podcast.

My hope is to encourage registered citizens, former inmates in anyone facing stereotypes and social ostracism to move beyond society’s labels. Thanks for listening to the podcast. I’m The Outspoken Offender. You can find me on YouTube and Twitter. You are not your label.

Helping registered citizens and former inmates move beyond stereotypes and social ostracism.

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The Outspoken Offender

The Outspoken Offender

Helping registered citizens and former inmates move beyond stereotypes and social ostracism.

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