Is Your Neighborhood Safe From Child Predators?

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Is Your Neighborhood Safe From Child Predators? With the sex offender registry in full force in the United States, communities should be safer nowadays. But as I show in this video, that may not be the case. With statistics and a “silly” Photoshop illustration, I’ll show that the registry may be making things worse for children and families.

Video Transcript

Is your child safe in your neighborhood? Let’s talk about the sex offender registry here and the effectiveness of it when it comes to children’s safety. I’m going to do a little bit of a kind of an illustration here and I chose a city, a neighborhood actually. I lived in this city years ago. It’s a cool little place. It’s nice safe middle to upper-class. Sandy, Utah. I think it’s about 20–30 minutes south of Salt Lake City if I can remember correctly.

Anyway, we’re going to zoom down into this city here. Okay, so let’s go with this random neighborhood in Sandy, Utah. Okay. So now that I’ve chosen this neighborhood. Let’s go to my Photoshop and well, where is it? There’s my Photoshop. Let’s do this illustration. I’m going to just give you this kind of silly example. But we have such a child here. Her name is Sally. Sally’s like 10 years old. Let’s say she lives in this home right here, and she loves this neighborhood. She has you know, friends that she can play with and it’s just a nice place, but maybe not so nice because we have a registrant here. Down there another registrant living right here and Sally has been warned about this person to not go over that direction. Do not go by that house. Okay. Oh, no, we have another registrant.

We have another registrant living just like two homes down from the other registrant, but that’s not all folks. We have another one on the corner here, another registrant! That makes three people on the sex offender registry, but I am not done I feel oh my gosh, this is horrible, right? There’s another registrant on this corner.

So basically what’s happening here is Sally is trapped. Oh my gosh, you can’t get out and play. She definitely can’t go this way. She can’t go that way. She can’t go that way. She can’t go that way. What is Sally gonna do? Well, luckily she has a family that she goes and sees after church. She hangs out with Frank’s kids. Frank has got some younger kids and she goes and plays and hangs out and it’s away from the register.

And so her parents say parents say, “hey, it’s okay go there.” Okay, and then after school sometimes Sally hangs. out with Mary and I don’t know… George’s kids here. Why do they all look the same? Anyway, it’s the graphics. So Sally’s hanging out with this family and they play and she has a lot of fun with the kid; her friends. Then she goes home and then sometimes she’ll actually help babysit. Or you know just hang out with the little one here. We’ve got Jason and I don’t know Jennifer. Okay, so you she hangs out here in this “safe zone” away from the registrants.

What is my point here? What am I trying to get at? Okay, let’s pop this up. What am I talking about? Stranger danger remember? You know, it’s still around that stranger danger campaign. I think it started in the 80s or 90s or something and it’s still around I think that’s why we have the sex offender registry. At least one of the reasons.

93% of sexually driven crimes are committed by a family member of the victim or someone known to the victim. So if we go back to this map, basically my point is is Sally actually might, I stress that point, might. I’m not saying parents are automatically targeted here. Sally might have a better chance of a sex crime occurring when she visits these families or in her own home. Okay, versus the people on the registry. I’m not making these facts up. I’m giving you references here on these statistics.

Another one…let’s go. Let’s go to this one here public registration Sex Offender Registration was found to cause an increased rate of recidivism. I can’t say that word… recidivism among sex offenders on the public registry. JJ Prescott… his report, “Do Sex Offender Registration and Notification Laws affect Criminal Behavior?” It says it right there.

So when we go to this map again, but I think the Important thing to learn when we talk about the sex offender registry is really education and getting the right facts. Sure. I wouldn’t say Sally should go hang out with someone alone here on the registry. I’m not saying that. I’m just saying, let’s be smarter about it. Let’s educate children and parents and understand where the real threat is because the recidivism rates for people on the registry are low. I don’t have the exact figures right here. But it is low. I’m sure I have it on my website at It is lower versus other crimes. I think the education of sexual offenses, of course need to start at home. Talk to your children. Give them the real facts. But don’t scare them so bad that they don’t want to go outside anymore. I can’t stand that. I mean, it’s like our communities are just going into one freaking, you know, everyone is just scared of everybody now.

I’m kind of rambling. I just get frustrated and it’s hard for me to explain it. But I think you get the idea of what I’ve been talking about today. If you want more information if you want resources, if you want the facts go to my website and you can also join the the newsletter mailing list.

So I’d love to hear your comments. Share and like on YouTube. I’d love for you to do that and I hope to talk to you soon. Have a great day.

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