Is It Okay To Automatically Hate Sex Offenders? — Quora Question

Is it okay to automatically hate sex offenders? I took this question to Quora and received three interesting responses. I’ll discuss these answers and briefly discuss the different types of sexual offenders. In addition, let’s also talk about the rationale behind the “same offense: very different offenders” argument.

Video Transcript

Well, thanks for joining me. I’m The Outspoken Offender back in the studio
because it’s just been too damn wet outside where I live. So I’m happy to be inside. I hope your year is going well so far. It’s been a rough Wednesday. You heard I’m sure about the capital that’s another topic of conversation. What I wanted to discuss today is I’m sure you see the title on the YouTube or wherever you’re watching this video. Is is it okay to automatically hate sex offenders? And I put out a question on Quora as I think that’s how you pronounce it Quora. And I actually got some responses back and I was quite surprised at some of the responses.

Let’s take a look here now, Peter. This is a summary because he wrote a lot more but this gives you an idea of what he said. “I don’t feel it’s ever warranted to just hate somebody without knowing them.”

I think that really hits it on the nail on the head there. Sure. Somebody commits a crime, you know, It’s a bad crime. It’s something that shouldn’t have been done. Someone was hurt. There’s victims. But automatically hate that person? A lot of people want to hate that person… that person that did the crime. But I don’t agree with that. We don’t know the full story. We don’t know the person; we don’t know what’s happening in his or her life.

And then also Peter goes on to say that he could have been a registered sex offender years ago for fooling around with his boyfriend. I guess he was underage and let’s see. I’m not a sex offender, but I could have been with my boyfriend when we were underage. So they were both underage. I don’t know if that would have been a crime. But basically he’s saying we don’t know the person it’s not a good idea to just automatically hate anybody.

Another response from David says, “For sure they must be stopped and for sure they must be punished.” We don’t want any abuse. I don’t condone any abuse. So yes, there may must be a punishment for the crime.

“If there is a way to rehabilitate them after the punishment may be as long as no further people are placed at risk.”

It is proven that counseling and therapy does help certain offenders. There’s different types of sexual offenders. There are violent offenders. There are fixated or dedicated child offenders. There are also situational/regressed child offenders. There are situational offenders (non child) and they’re sexually addicted offender. So it could be the same crime but a different person… a different class. And so that’s another reason why not not to automatically hate sex offenders. So many people are lumped together in the same group. Somebody over here was dating a 16 year old when they’re 18.

And there’s a registered sex offender someone over here that has downloaded child pornography but was considered non-nude child pornography. But sexual in nature the way they are posed. He/she gets charged with child pornography. No nudity. No sexual acts, but the outfits or the posing was a suggestive sexually pose. Then you might have the more serious crimes.
You know abuse, kidnapping, molestation. So everybody is mixed into one group. So I mean if there’s a reason that’s the main reason that
everybody’s lumped in together. We have to look at the individual.

Let’s go on to another response that I received and it’s from I’m Imel. I believe that’s a man. I’ll just say it’s a man. He says no it’s not.

“No it is not. To hate someone is a serious matter and an automated reaction to anything is unlikely to be unlikely to be reasonable.” And then he goes on and talks about homosexual acts were once sex crimes and and all that stuff. It’s an interesting response and I have not received a response saying yes. Yes. We need to hate them all on the Quora question. So I’m actually surprised about that. I just want to point out that since there are different offenders and perhaps the same offense…so same offense different offenders. I think it is not okay to automatically hate someone that’s done a crime including registered sex offenders.

As I mentioned earlier violent offenders, dedicated child offenders, situational child offenders, offenders (non child) sexual addicted offenders. And that’s pretty much it the different class. So in my opinion instead of automatically judging the entire group here, and we’re talking about registered sex offenders again, it could be a youth that did something wrong, you could be a mother who peed in the park depending on what state she lives on. It could be somebody with child pornography. It could be someone you know… there’s a big variety here. So instead of automatically lumping everybody together and saying I hate you we should try to educate ourselves about individuals on the registry and the behaviors they do we need to understand this better instead of locking everybody away and feeling safe. Because that is not going to solve the problem.

It’s education folks. And it is also the ability to be open-minded and to learn instead of automatically hating registered sex offenders. So that’s pretty much what I wanted to discuss today. And again, your comments are welcomed either if you agree with me or not. I am open to your comments and please join my YouTube channel. I’m also on Twitter and I hope to talk to you soon.
I will talk to you soon. I’ll do another video here soon and have a great week.

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