EconoLodge vs. New Paltz: Unconstitutional To Kick Out Offenders

In 2020, the EconoLodge located in the small town of New Paltz, NY., agreed to a 15-plus-year arrangement with the Ulster County Department of Social Services. The EconoLodge’s owner agreed to house registered offenders at the motel. Now, the city of New Paltz is enforcing a new ordinance, one that is designed specifically to reduce the number of registered sex offenders who can reside at one particular commercial address. The EconoLodge says the ordinance is unconstitutional. As The Outspoken Offender, I agree with EconoLodge’s position.

And now the video, EconoLodge vs. New Paltz:


Well, hello. I am The Outspoken Offender and thank you very much for watching this video. And before I get to this very important subject about hotels and registrants, I want to thank everybody who has been subscribing to this channel. It has been a passion project of mine for the last year, and I want to thank you.

If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t be doing these videos. Well, I probably would still be doing the videos, but I’m appreciative of people actually watching the videos. So thank you.

Okay. The topic today is about a small city in upstate New York This small town is actually suing the owners of a local Econolodge motel. (Correction: The hotel is suing the town.)

The town says they shouldn’t be allowed to offer their services, their rooms to people formerly convicted of sexually based offenses. Oh my goodness. I’m not making this up. This worries me. Is it going to be a trend? Is this going to be happening in different cities, in different states across the country? I hope not. It’s unfortunate. We already have the property managers and the certain landlords saying, you know, you can’t live here and now it is bleeding over to hotels. Well, the good thing about this is the Econolodge and the owner, her name is Shree Granesh, is actually suing the small town. She says they have an agreement with New York state. It’s a 15 year agreement that this Econolodge will be a part of social services for people formerly convicted of sex offenses. And so the owner and the Econolodge is saying “No New Paltz,” this is unconstitutional. We should be allowed to house registrants. This should be the case in every hotel anywhere.

Okay. I’m upset when I hear certain classes of people not being able to live in certain parts of town or certain parts of commercial buildings, such as a hotel or whatever. I’m glad that the owner of the Econolodge is saying enough is enough. You cannot step on our rights. We are going to house people even level two and level three registrants. We will house them and support them as they try to get back on their feet. So I’m just going to read exactly what this news article states, just a paragraph:

In fact, the ordinance might be a bit more accurate to describe the local law as an effort designed specifically to reduce the number of registrant’s, [sex offenders] who reside at any particular commercial address.

So that’s what worries me. They’re trying to say any commercial address. First, it was residential and now it’s going commercial. So you could see where the alarm bells are going off. So if we go back to last year when this agreement occurred, and when I say agreement, I mean Econolodge and New York state. They came to a 15 year agreements saying that this Econolodge can house registrants. So anyway, the New Paltz students were sent notices of the move-ins from last year, from October through November, 2020. Those notices led to a town meeting focusing on the issue. So that’s where it all began.

I don’t know what’s going to happen here. I don’t know if this is going to occur in other locations. I hope not because I know the registrant’s watching now and the family members watching understand that housing is a huge concern. Yeah, you don’t normally live in a hotel long-term but you could in some situations. And what happens if you go on vacation with your family? And is it going to be where we go to the counter and have to fill out something that the hotel has to provide or was forced to provide? And one of the questions is, “Are you on the registry?” I hope not because if this happens well, first of all, I think it’s unconstitutional. If it happens, I will be on top of it. I know a lot of other organizations like Women Against Registry, Reset Missouri, and NARSOL will be on top of it as well.

I just wanted to talk to you briefly today and let you know this is occurring. I would recommend calling the Econolodge there in New Paltz and tell the owner thank you for standing up for registrant’s and their families in this matter.

Thank you so much for watching and I will talk to you another time.



Helping registered citizens and former inmates move beyond stereotypes and social ostracism.

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Helping registered citizens and former inmates move beyond stereotypes and social ostracism.