Has the media created a national moral panic on sex crimes and cyber pedophilia? In this brief podcast episode, I read from the report, “Sex Crimes in the Media” (Tanya Serisier, School of Sociology) and the media representations of child sexual abuse.

“The dominant media image of the rapist is a marginal male driven by sexual desire; a dangerous stranger lurking in the bushes (Jewkes, 2015). Entertainment media especially reproduce the psychotic stranger stereotype, with high numbers of violent or homicidal serial rapists featured in genres such as television crime shows (Horeck,2004). This imagery is in stark contrast to the…

Once again, people living on the sex offender registry are treated like modern-day lepers, and this time it’s at your local church. With law enforcement estimates that 88% of sexual abuse is never reported to authorities, nine of ten people who have sexually abused children will NOT have a criminal background nor be on the sex offender registry. Churches do not need to fear the sex offender or the new person sitting in the back pew. People required to register have the right to worship just like any individual in the United States. This right is protected by our constitution.

The Issue

Locating rental housing while on the sex offender registry can be a difficult task. Many property managers and landlords include stipulations for registrants within their tenant criteria. In addition, some landlords turn to the information from state implementations of “Megan’s Law” to determine whether applicants are listed on the registry. It is not uncommon for landlords to solely deny a rental application because of a sexually-based crime:

“Conviction of any crime that requires lifetime registration as a sex offender or for which applicant is currently registered as a sex offender will result in denial.” — Capscott Apartments, Portland, Oregon.


Since my release from federal prison in 2012, I’ve produced five social justice documentary films, held public speaking events and fundraisers, and worked with nonprofit organizations.

Today, I consult and advocate for people living on the ‘list.’ Through private and judgement free phone or zoom sessions, I can assist in locating housing and employment, registry research, light legal work, resume and cover letter writing, and personal coaching.

My services are also available for families of registrants and loved ones. In addition, I offer advocacy marketing services for nonprofit organizations producing videos and podcasts. Receive a FREE 30 minute consultation by visiting my website. There is no cost for this and the consultation is absolutely private.

Do bank robbers, drug dealers, and animal abusers have residency restrictions similar to sex offenders? In this sarcastic but informative video, find out if other ex-felons are subject to banishment due to a public registry.

Also, with 35 states currently enforcing some form of residency restrictions for registered sex offenders, you may think our neighborhoods are safer. Find out why the registry is worthless in fighting child abduction, abuse, and other forms of sexual offenses.


Okay. So today I wanted to talk about distance living restrictions for people with felony records. As you can see I’m at Walgreens. You’re…

A false idea has gained traction. Is it too late to reverse?

In 1986, an article in Psychology Today, a magazine written for a general audience, stated, “Most untreated sex offenders released from prison go on to commit more offenses — indeed, as many as 80 percent do.” That article was written about a counseling program run about authors, and the statement was made to increase business for them, according to Adam Liptak, a New York Times author.

These false recidivism claims (“frightening and high”) have now made there way into court decisions and have influenced heavy restrictions for sex…

The struggle to find suitable housing

As we enter 2021, there is an increasingly strong public interest in supporting individuals released from incarceration. After release, the formerly incarcerated often need suitable housing and employment, but their felony record gets in the way. These individuals may have no choice but to live with relatives or even go back to a life-of-crime.

If you do a Google search for “Felon-Friendly Housing”, you’re results may look like this:

“Guide on Finding Felon Friendly Apartments and Housing”
“Apartments That Accept Convicted Felons”
“Housing for Felons”

You get the idea. This hypothetical Google search looks promising — some rentals offer seconds…

When we are going through difficult times in our lives, the need for a community of support is crucial to our recovery. If you or a loved-on has been affected by the criminal justice system or has been placed on the sex offender registry, there is a new online support forum available.

I wanted to create a new forum because the support for registrants and families is lacking. Living on the registry is hard. And what may be worse is witnessing a loved-one being ostracized, harassed, or is just having a hard time finding work or a place to live.


Writing an accountability letter is a positive step in better understanding the harm that has been caused. It also helps in taking responsibility and building empathy for your victim(s). By writing this letter, you’re taking a positive step towards healing.

This video offers tips and suggestions on how to write a letter that expresses true accountability without asking for forgiveness.


All right, happy to see you here, again. My name is The Outspoken Offender.

And today is a little different type of video. I’m talking about something fairly difficult to do for the former offender. This is called the…

March 3rd, 2006 was the worst day of my life. I was arrested for a sexually-based offense. It’s a day I’ll never forget, and always regret. In this brief video I discuss my crime along with case law (Dost Test, Miller Test) that defines child pornography. I also answer these questions:

  1. Does nudity need to exist to meet the definition of child pornography?
  2. 2. If I illustrate (paint, sketch, etc) an underage, fictional character in a sexual situation, can I get arrested?

Video Transcript

I get some people emailing me from time to time asking what did I do to get…

The Outspoken Offender

Helping registered citizens and former inmates move beyond stereotypes and social ostracism.

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